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starting a spiritual pilgrimage…

This program, which is based upon the book, 12 Steps for Christians, provides a practical way to use the Twelve Steps as a recovery tool, and to fully integrate the steps as an ongoing part of our spiritual pilgrimage. The program uses biblical insight to help us identify and deal with issues that are interfering with our lives. Working through these issues requires that we rely on the dynamics of God’s word and the Twelve Steps. If we approach this work seriously, we will experience recovery that nurtures physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Trust in God’s guidance and support is necessary. In this program, it is important to realize that God wants us to be returned to wholeness. He gives us the courage to work, to struggle, and to succeed. God also gives us the comfort we need to give him control of our lives and to surrender to the Twelve Step Process.

“taken from, Twelve Steps for Christians