Slogans and Acronyms


Slogans serve as a gentle, calming reminders that our circumstances might not be as impossible or as desperate as they at first appear. These concise expressions of wisdom offer quick reassurance that we really are able to cope with whatever life brings, prompting us to take constructive action and to treat ourselves and others with compassion and respect. Even when we are too new to Al-Anon or too overwhelmed by our circumstances to recall on of the many Al-Anon principles that may apply, a simple slogan can put the entire situation into perspective.

Keep It Simple
The slogan, “Keep It Simple” helps to remind us that simple solutions are often the most effective ones. This slogan can help us look at what really is happening rather than what we imagine may happen, and to take a reasonable, step by step approach rather than act out of fear or panic.

But For The Grace Of God
The slogan, “But For The Grace Of God” helps to remind us to be compassionate with others, including the alcoholics in our lives. This slogan can help us avoid impatience,criticism, resentment, and vengefulness, which does harm to ourselves as well as to others.

First Things First
The slogan, “First Things First” helps us to set reasonable priorities and to keep a realistic perspective. This slogan helps us to make choices we are comfortable with, and to act with balance rather than react to crises.

How Important Is It
The slogan, “How Important Is It”helps us to have perspective, to determine what is of most value to personally, and to avoid being upset over things that are of minimal importance at the moment. It helps free us to appreciate the good things that life offers.

Let It Begin With Me
The slogan, “Let It Begin With Me”helps us to keep the focus on and be responsible for our own actions and behaviors. This slogan helps us to take action to change the things we can change and to take the responsibility to get our own needs met, rather than waiting for others to change or to meet our needs for us.

Just For Today
The slogan, “Just For Today” tells us that things are more manageable when we deal with and live in the present. Things that seem way too difficult to manage long term may seem more manageable if we deal with them just for today. We can move forward in small steps rather than be  overwhelmed by trying to change everything at one time. This is described further in the Al-Anon pamphlet, Just For Today.

The slogan, “Think” helps us to remember to think before we act on or react to situations. This slogan helps us make good decisions about how to act. When we apply this slogan, it helps free us from distorted thinking and impulsive, potentially destructive decision-making.

One Day At A Time
The slogan, “One Day At a Time” provides a practical approach to challenges and fears. We focus our energies on dealing productively with today, and we give up worrying about a future we can not predict or control and about a past we cannot change. It helps us break overwhelming tasks into manageable steps

Keep An Open Mind
The slogan, “Keep An Open Mind”helps us to be open to ideas from sources that we might not have imagined could be helpful. It helps us to take advantage of all opportunities.

Live and Let Live
The slogan, “Live And Let Live” has two parts. “Let live” reminds us to allow others the dignity of making their own decisions and experiencing the consequences of their decisions and choices. By minding our own business, we are freed from feeling responsible for changing other. We also learn to “live” by taking care of our own physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Let Go and Let God
The slogan, “Let Go And Let God”helps us to let go of trying to control things we can not control. When our attempts at control are not working, when we feel we have run out of options, when we don’t know what we can do,  this slogan helps us trust that a Power greater than ourselves will help us when the time is right.


Acronyms can use as reminders throughout our day.

Happy. Our. Program. Exists.

HALT: if you're
Hungry. Angry. Lonely. Tired

False. Evidence. Appearing. Real.

THINK: is it...?
Thoughtful. Honest. Intelligent.Necessary. Kind.

Don't. Even. Think. About. Changing.Him/Her.

Solutions. To. Every. Problem.

Not. Using. The. Steps.

Quit. Taking. It. Personally

Let. Others. Voluntarily. Evolve.

Honest. Open. Willing